New patient consultation and Osteopathic evaluation (60 minutes) $350
Discuss history of your condition and any related medical history. Review labs or imaging that may be useful to your case. Assess usefulness of current therapies (medications, supplements, exercises, interventions). A comprehensive physical exam and osteopathic evaluation will assess the body for asymmetry and overall function of the muscles, bones, connective tissues and organs. After a brief initial osteopathy session, an integrative, multimodal plan and timeline based on findings will be discussed.

Follow up office visit (30-45 minutes) $195
For established patients. Review and update treatment plan or address any acute issues. Must be an established patient in order to book.


Prolotherapy/Trigger Point Injection/Neural Therapy (30-60 minutes) $275
Each appointment will address one injured region. Appointment length dependent on complexity of issue. Decision to treat with one or more injection techniques will be made at new patient visit. 

Cancellation Policy: Patients who forget their appointments or cancel within 24 hours of their visit will be required to pay for the full missed visit. We require at least 24 hours notice of cancellation which must be made by calling/texting the office number: 530-213-0709. 

Health Insurance Policy

  • Dr. Mackey does not accept insurance or Medicare. For those with PPO coverage, a superbill will be provided upon request to submit for insurance reimbursement.

  • Reimbursement rates vary depending on insurance. However, in the Truckee area, PPO insurance policies often cover 50-80% of Dr. Mackey's fees.